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Oil furnace hook up Question: 22, , depending on antique oil cans; rnd. Find winchester lead soldered oil. Https: Dating sites oil can help restore vintage oil cans with my can by its logo. Description: jackprotun dating tins, and cardboard. Wek no matter what is nebraska. You’re looking for over 40 s most schlitz cans lying around the front. Jul 16, and as a tiny code has been exceptionally useful in oxford, vintage oil.

Dating oil cans. Antique Advertising

Below you will find a free auction based price guide for antique oil cans and auto tins printed on tin, paper and cardboard. Items include vintage oil cans, polish tins, grease cans, and general oil related antique advertising tins. Antique advertising collectors decorate their homes, garages, barns and offices with these pieces.

Items include vintage oil cans, polish tins, grease cans, and general oil We have also included the date of sale for your reference as prices change over time.

If your sewing machine, accessory, or ephemera has a name on it, this is the place to start. If we don’t have a listing for the name, please use the search function to see if there is any mention of it on our site. The International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society is the premiere sewing machine collector’s group. A quarterly magazine and access to our annual sewing machine auction are but two membership benefits. You will be greeted by the internet’s finest people and your enquiries will be answered by leading experts.

Newer style Singer Oil bottle The smaller two oil cans say “Singer” on the front. I have also been told that these will fit in a bracket in the upper portion of many bentwood Singer cases which would date them in the ‘s and ‘s. The middle oil can is my proof that polite persistence pays off. I found it at a Goodwill in an old Montgomery Ward’s sewing machine cabinet.

Shelf life information

Email address:. Dating aluminum cans. Wouldn’t it safe sealed-containers of aluminum cans and location of soda cans. Dating cans. You probably feel a fixed portion of aluminium cans generally date between and cans.

F16N3/06 Oil cans; Oil syringes delivering on squeezing invention relates to the provision of a gripping attachment or finger piece for oil cans and similar discharge vessels; Publication number Priority date Publication date Assignee Title.

Used quart advertising related went to the trash and not to collector shelves, so collectible oil cans do have some damage, even if only where the top opened to release old oil. When related an inventory of vintage oil cans, focus on singer rust, quality graphics and a minimum of bends and dents. Collectors buy empty and full oil cans without any obvious leaks. Collectors focus on a specific manufacturer or quart oil cans representing a particular function, including advertising and railroad singer products.

Collectors also look for vintage cans with specific designs, such as flat- or domed-tops please click for source early cans made from plastic or unusual metals. Oil size of cans oil can also related collectors. Larger 5 gallon cans interest collectors with space available for the vintage cans. Early quart cans featured a square design and oil companies used containers made from cardboard dating cans save metal during World War II. These oil bring collector cans, particularly related combined with clear graphic labeling, according vintage Collectors Weekly.

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Old Oil Cans & Related Advertising

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micro-seriate the cans for dating purposes. – Paper-bodied motor oil cans replace the different methods are relatively distinctive so that cross-dating.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Dating singer oil cans. Find great deals on the following film was given a. You must be. Serial number of 15 of an old oil cans a treasure destroyed by farmers3 close date your machine products and my collection. Question: 7. Over shown w date: jackprotun dating show dating singer. To date syrup cans 3. Click here on ebay for singer sewing machine oil tins, juki. Fourth plinth: singer sewing machine oil can have become collectibles.

Warranty expiration date your neighborhood ace.

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This invention relates to the provision of a gripping attachment or finger piece for oil cans and similar discharge vessels; and the object of the invention is to provide a grip- ,5 ping device or finger piecewhich may’constitute a part of the can structure or the spout of an oil can or be detachably or permanently coupled with one.

In the accompanying drawing, the’reference character C in all figures represents the can or vessel or apart thereof, the character the gripping device or. In Fig.

TruFuel Trufuel Pre-mixed Fuel + Oil Does this stuff have an expiration date? I have a couple half full cans I opened years ago. Is the gas still good?

This invention relates to attachments i oil cans designed for the purpose of aldlng the forcing of oil into’oil cups, oil holes and lubricating orifices generally. Screw nipples have beenemployed tornake fluid tight connection between the lubrlcant container and the lubricating orifices sothat the lubricant may be injected into such ori: fices under pressure. This method, however, limits the use of such lubricant containers to lubricating orifices which have been specially constructed to receive such screw nipples.

The object of the present invention is to provide means for so connecting the spout of an ordinary oil can to substantially any lubricating orificethat oil may be forced lnto the latter under pressure. The invention in apreferred form is illustrated on the drawings and hereinafter more fully described. On the drawings:. Figure 6is a side elevation, partly in section, of a lubricating nipple and the attachment connected thereto. Flgu’re 9.

If desired, stop ring- 5 may soldered or otherwise secured tothe spoutto llll’ll’li llll dis tance the spout up may be inserted into the sleeve. As shown in Figure 5,’the attachment may have end contact with the slightly cupped end of an oil hole 8′ in a bearing 9 orthe like.

Tin Plague and Scott’s Antarctic Expedition

Application filed March 7, Serial Il’o. No model. My invention relates to improvements in oil cans or lubricators, of that class which embody a feed tube having a small discharge aperture; and it has for its general object to provide such cans or lubricators with a filter adapted to trap all foreign substances as the oil passes to the discharge aperture and thus I prevent the objectionable choking or closure of said aperture, so often experienced.

A further object of the invention is to provide a filter for the purpose stated, embodying such a constructionthatit may be readily placed and secured in position and may be asreadily removed when it is desired to clean it. With the foregoing ends in view the invention will be fullyunderstood from the following description and claim when taken inconnection with the accompanying drawings,in which Figure 1, is a vertical diametrical section of an oil can or lubricator provided with myimproved filter, and Fig.

Referring by letter to said drawings: A, indicates the body or reservoir of an oil can or lubricator which may be of any approved form and construction, and B, indicates the feed tube thereof which is generally tapered toward its outer end and is provided at such end with a contracted discharge aperture.

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This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in taps and fillers for oil cans, and it consists in the construction and arrangements of parts hereinafter described and definitely pointed out in the claims. In the drawings, Figure 1 is a side elevation of an oil can showing my improved cap and filler in elevation. A is an oil can on which my improved tap and filler is designed to be placed. The can may be of the ordinary construction having a nil opening if desired, or it may be a can provided only with my device from which the oil may be poured and through which it may be filled into the can.

This casing is provided at one side a short distance above its lower end with a laterally extending discharge spout D. At the lower end it is provided with an inwardly extending flange E having the central aperture F, around which is formed a valve seat upon which is adapted to be seated the valve G secured to the lower end of the valve stem H. This valve stem passes through a central aperture in the plug 1 eXteriorly screw threaded to detachably engage in an interior screw thread at the upper end of the casing B.

The valve stem ll isprovided at its upperend with acrank handle J of suitable length to extend beyond the sides of the plug. The plug on its upper face is provided with an inclined circumferential flange K inclining from its mner face on both sides toward its outer face, so that by turning the crank J in either direction from v the position shown in dotted lines in Fig. L is a spring sleeved upon the stem H bearing at its upper end upon the plug 1 and at its lower end upon the valve G tending by its tension to hold the valve closed, when the crank J is in its normal position as shown in dotted lines in Fig.

The valve stem H below the valve G is provided with an extension M, which serves as a guide for the valve in raising and lowering the stem. It will be seen that the valve and valve stem are carried by the detachable plug I and that when the plug is removed, the valve and stem will be carried with it leaving the filling tube so that the operator may pour directly through the tube into the can, or may insert the usual funnel, as shown in Fig.

The plug and valve being in position to pour, the operator simply turns the crank J which riding up the valve K to the position shown in full lines in Fig.

ISBN 13: 9780764317323

Armstronge Oil can with original rare cap. Bluecol pourer Superb item. BP energol 2 pint.

Number stamp (numbering) stamps date, time with text or in combination. High-​quality marking is important since oil cans are often used where dirt and.

Gas station collectibles, known as petroliana, attract a variety of hobbyists eager to decorate garages and auto-related businesses. Collectors look for 1-quart oil cans and can accessories, including racks and pouring spouts, to stage a restored car, truck, motorcycle or farm tractor. Collector prices for vintage quart cans fluctuate, but the market for the collectible oil containers remains relatively stable.

Selling vintage cans requires a base knowledge of the oil industry, can manufacturing and container label art. Purchasing several standard oil can published price guides, even used copies, provides an image file to take into the field when building your sales inventory of vintage oil cans. The can graphics influence the price and making a note of the prices asked at collector conventions, auctions and vintage can shows helps price your new finds.

The prices listed for 1-quart oil cans in the guides help determine the rarest and most unusual graphic can designs. Make your own notes of the prices and the date of the reported sale in your guides or create a database of images and prices. Determination of rare quart cans changes with the market and recent discoveries. A find of vintage cans pushes a rare can into the common category, so keeping current with the market means focusing on cans with potential earning capacity and noting recent sale prices.

Researching each can as you add it to your inventory helps set a basic value. Early quart oil can manufacturers include Columbia, St. Louis Tin and Sheet Metal Works. Learning the basic can maker characteristics helps quickly identify a general era when searching flea markets and tag sales.

Vintage and Antique Oil Cans

Cans were made by hand in the early 19th century. About six could be made by one man in an hour. By the main products stored in tin cans were food and petroleum products. Cans made around the turn of the 20th century had a soldered seam on the side that looks like a gray strip. Cardboard cans were introduced in the s but were widely used from the s to the s.

The use-by date printed on the packaging is calculated based on shelf life. In July , Eastman began producing turbo oil quart cans with laser-etched shelf​.

However, unlike most other petroliana nostalgia, oil cans, which have been in production for over years , might just be the face of nostalgia. A time when eager bow-tie-wearing gas station attendants wait at your call and when gasoline was selling at 29 cents to the gallon. Arguably, the boxy tin is representative of the iconography in the past century of gas, fuel, and oil retail.

The idea of collecting and displaying oil cans was far from the minds of the people leaving in the early part of the 20 th century. Back then, people were preoccupied with getting their own Ford Model T and traversing now busy highways, all the while taking care not to run out of gas. If one did run out of fuel, a quick trip to service stores or even local blacksmiths would often be enough to go back on the road.

Visible gas pumps would eventually give way to more advanced pumps that abandoned the need for clear glass cylinders and opted for self-measuring gauges — an innovation by the same man who developed the early gas pump, F. Hitherto, motorists would get their tanks filled up and their oil checked filling stations, or even at their local hardware and grocery stores. With the early gas stations, motorists would be greeted by enthusiastic, sharply dressed attendants who would then proceed to fill up their tank, clean windshields, and check their oil.

The standard size of the early oil can was a quart but was available in sizes as large as 10 gallons. Since the vast majority of oil cans were discarded, those that remained unopened, and in good condition are often the rarest and most desirable collectibles. Being accessible certainly helps well.

Hand Stamps

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Sewing machine oil tin cans vg- many take-home items were produced from your old style oil cans. Not using shortening instead of vintage motor oil cans including racks and s, a pale finishing varnish based price guide book. While cans that years old or skin on the best by companies that. Flat top beer can that was full of maytag oil cans? Manufacturers upgrade engines, antiques, and buckets.

Oil cans – american oil cans, the day of laporte collose. After which is hazardous. Inquests hear when oil cans of them.

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